New 1. Multiplier event in Poland

On November 14, 2023, a meeting dedicated to the dissemination of free educational materials was held. The organization of this event was a part of the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action KA220-ADU Partnerships for Cooperation, project “Key Competences for People 50+”, with the project number 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000035200.

Participants, who represented institutions of the adult education sector and their employers, had the opportunity to receive access to free educational materials to facilitate the process of organizing and conducting education in key competencies for adults, with a particular focus on people over 50. The materials were created by an international consortium of four educational organizations from Europe: Deinde sp. z o.o. (Poland), Institut Saumurois de la Communication (France), INERCIA DIGITAL SL (Spain), Stiftelsen Mangfold and Arbeidslivet (Norway).

During the meeting, three key results of the project were discussed:

(1) The methodology of the “Key Competences for People 50+” training courses with the research part,

(2) Four courses on key competences for people 50+, developed by an international consortium of educational and educational support organizations from Europe:

  • Understanding and Creating Information,
  • Digital Competence,
  • Personal, social and learning skills competences,
  • Entrepreneurship competences,

(3) Guidelines for trainers/education facilitators on implementing and delivering key competences courses for people 50+.