New 3. Completion of the Erasmus+ project Key competences for people 50+

The initiative focused on developing key competences among adults, with particular emphasis on people over 50 years of age. An international partnership, composed of four renowned educational organizations from Poland, France, Spain and Norway, jointly created unique and captivating educational materials.

The main goal of the project was to increase access to acquiring and strengthening key competences, taking into account the specificity of people over 50. Key goals were successfully achieved, including expanding access to personalized education programmes, supporting the development of key competences and strengthening the competences of trainers and providers of adult education in the European Union.

During the project, 4 partner meetings were held, which were an arena for the exchange of experiences, and 3 results of intellectual work were developed, including methodology, key competence courses and guidelines for trainers and education organizers. Activities disseminating the project results took place in 4 countries. In Poland, they included a webinar, a stationary dissemination meeting, and 4 closed sessions.

The most important achievement of the project are three key results:

  • Methodology of training courses “Key competences for people 50+” with a research part.
  • Four fascinating key competence courses for people 50+, including:Literacy; Digital competences; Personal, social and learning to learn competences; Entrepreneurship.
  • Guidelines for trainers/educational organizers regarding the implementation and conduct of courses in the field of key competences for people 50+.

All these educational materials, including syllabuses, instructions for educators, presentations and training materials for participants, are available for free download on the project website